What Leather Is Made Of

Help Kazim the hidesman collect hogs and lizards with which to make leather cloaks.

  • Quest ID: 179 - What Leather is Made Of
  • Area: Booming Dunes
  • Awards quest honor: no
  • Average Mob Level: 45
  • Suitable Player Level: 35-60
  • Monetary rewards: 40 gold per hog
  • Write-Up Credit: Anette

Key NPCs

  • Kazim, the Hidesman; alias Kazim

Mobiles in the Area

Aggressive mobiles are in red. All damage amounts are base damage before resists, etc.

  • a sandy boa; alias boa (300hp, 40-45 dmg asphyxiation entangling attack)
  • a musk hog sow; alias hog (218 hp, 32-39 dmg cutting attacks, 50 dmg poison attack)
  • a stout musk hog; alias hog (234 hp, 32-39 dmg cutting attacks, 47 dmg cutting knockdown attack)
  • a huge beaded lizard; alias lizard (272 hp, 35-45 dmg cutting leg mangle attack)
  • a sidewinder; alias snake (70 hp)

Quest Walkthrough

This quest is a straight-forward collection/turn-in quest - collect hogs or lizards and turn them in to Kazim until completed. PATH TRACK BOOMING DUNES, then kill the hogs, or the lizards in the cave, and then turn them into Kazim. It’s worth noting you’ll get the turn-in gold for them irrespective of whether you have the quest or not, but you’ll only gain the quest XP when its active.