Lost Bandit's Treasure

Aid a stranded and wounder traveller to discover the way to uncover a lost bandit treasure.

  • Area: Booming Dunes
  • Awards quest honor: yes
    • Quest honor: [He|She] found the lost bandit’s treasure.
  • Average Mob Level: 45
  • Suitable Player Level: 35-60
  • Monetary rewards: 1500 gold
  • Write-Up Credit: Anette

Key NPCs

  • Kazim, the Hidesman; alias Kazim
  • a dusty wanderer; alias Marine

Mobiles in the Area

Aggressive mobiles are in red. All damage amounts are base damage before resists, etc.

  • a sandy boa; alias boa (300hp, 40-45 dmg asphyxiation entangling attack)
  • a musk hog sow; alias hog (218 hp, 32-39 dmg cutting attacks, 50 dmg poison attack)
  • a stout musk hog; alias hog (234 hp, 32-39 dmg cutting attacks, 47 dmg cutting knockdown attack)
  • a huge beaded lizard; alias lizard (272 hp, 35-45 dmg cutting leg mangle attack)
  • a sidewinder; alias snake (70 hp)

The hogs can be given to Kazim to start the collection quest What Leather is Made Of, documented on that page.

Neccesary Items

  • a vial of mending

Quest Walk-Through

This is a fairly simple way to get a decent amount of coin, just be careful not to get turned around in the map since there’s looping rooms, and watch out for the boas as while they don’t do too much damage they can cripple you quite effectively at the target level for this quest. This is essentially a quest in two parts - helping Marine, the injured traveller, to get the information on the cave, and then raiding the cave for the chest.

0. Get to the Booming Dunes

To get to the quest area, just PATH TRACK BOOMING DUNES.

1. Find the abandoned waterskin

The waterskin is spawned randomly through the area so there’s no real trick to this, just go through the area and look for the waterskin until you find it. It doesn’t hurt to bash the hogs along the way. It WON’T be in the cave, so don’t look in there. You’re looking for:

A bulky waterskin is lying here, emitting a tiny dribble from around its wooden stopper. 
2. Find the injured traveller

Waterskin in hand, you need to find the injured traveller Marine. You’re looking for the following:

a dusty wanderer

Make sure you have the waterskin (it resets fairly quickly, relatively speaking) and a mending vial. Run back to town to get a mending vial if you don’t have one - you can’t progress further without it.

She wanders in the upper area, starting at v11139 and going up, so search that area.

3. Heal the injured traveller

When you find the injured traveller, Marine, she will essentially greet you with what is a tell of the first thing you need to do:

A dusty wanderer vainly tries to moisten her lips, licking them with a dry tongue.

She’s parched and dying of thirst, so you need to give her the abandoned waterskin, presumably that she lost. GIVE WATERSKIN TO MARINE:

You give a bulky waterskin to a dusty wanderer.
A dusty wanderer gulps greedily from the bag for a long while.
The water greatly refreshes Marine, and she looks about her with a brighter eye.
A dusty wanderer says, "You have no idea how much I appreciate that, however...I need some mending to fix my leg. I don't suppose you could help me?"

GIVE MENDING TO MARINE as she asks. Don’t worry about losing it, she gives it back, sans one application of course:

You give a quartz vial to a dusty wanderer.
Marine shivers slightly as she leans down and applies the salve to her injured ankle.
Marine slowly gets up, gingerly trying her weight on her healed ankle, giving you back a quartz vial.
A dusty wanderer exclaims, "Thank you! A thousand times thank you! You have done me a wonderful service!"
[Quest Complete]: You have completed the quest 'Thirsty and Broken'.
A dusty wanderer beams broadly.
A dusty wanderer says, "I have no gold to offer you as reward, but perhaps I can tell you how to find some..."
A dusty wanderer says, "In the southeastern canyons, there is a well-concealed entrance to a forgotten cavern."
Marine peers at you conspiratorially.
A dusty wanderer says, "Into these caves, a robber fleeing justice disappeared many years ago. His booty was never found, and may lie there still."
A dusty wanderer says, "I found this in my searches of the Dunes, perhaps it will aide you in the search for this treasure."
A dusty wanderer hands you a small key.
A dusty wanderer exclaims, "Seek it if you will, and may fortune shine on you! I must depart now, and make my long way home. Farewell!"
4. Find the secluded cave

Shimmy yourself over to v11175, where the description to the room, if you read it, will tell you that it’s the entrance basically:

Looking closer, you see that you might be able to shimmy through one of the larger gaps between the rocks.

GO IN and you’re in the cave.

5. Discover and unlock the treasure

Search the cave for the treasure. Like the waterskin, it spawns randomly in the rooms in the cave here. Be careful of the lizards - many of them are aggressive, and the bleed stacks they generate are quite high for your level. Try to yank-bash the larger stacks where you must. You’re looking for a room with:

A heavy iron chest sits here.

UNLOCK CHEST, then OPEN CHEST, then GET GOLD FROM CHEST and you’re the proud new owner of 1500gp and a quest honou:

You take a pile of treasure from a large iron chest.
A key slips from your grasp.
[Quest Complete]: You have completed the quest 'Lost Bandit Treasure'.
You give a slight grin as you snatch up the pile of gold coins treasure.
You put 1500 gold sovereigns in a silver-weave pack.

This quest resets every couple hours or so, so it’s a good repeatable source of income for lower levels (and even at end-game if you’re in a pinch)