Cinua Glade

The nymphs of Cinua Glade have been acting erratically of late. Help an idrasi wolfrider determine the cause of this and bring peace to the Glade *

(* or not really)

  • Quest ID: 30 - The Saboteur’s attempt to destroy Ithaqua
  • Area: Cinua Glade
  • Awards quest honor: yes
    • Quest honor: [He|She] has foiled the attempts of the Saboteur to destroy Ithaqua.
  • Average Mob Level: 69
  • Suitable Player Level: 60-80
  • Monetary rewards: None
  • Write-Up Credit: Anette

Key NPCs

  • a powerful Idrasi predator; alias idrasi
  • Lahira, the nymph heir; aliases Lahira, nymph
  • Salira, Priestess of the Mother; aliases Salira, nymph

Mobiles in the Area

Aggressive mobiles are in red. All damage amounts are base damage before resists, etc.

  • an arctic wolf; alias: wolf (67-72 dmg normal attacks)
  • a frost nymph fanatic; alias: nymph (72 dmg normal attack, 63 dmg cold attack, 69 dmg normal stun attack)
  • a cowled nymph; alias: nymph (45-52 dmg normal attack, 0 dmg blackout attack, 59 dmg normal stun attack)
  • a lovely frost nymph; alias: nymph (49-95 dmg normal attacks)
  • a lithe dulcea; alias: dulcea (86-94 dmg psychic attacks)

Neccesary Items

  • a shovel
  • a tinderbox

Quest Walk-Through

This is a pretty simplistic quest, and given the level the area is at, a good introduction to questing. You will want to be careful, however, because some of the catchall mob aliases here can land you in trouble, killing people you need for the quest.

0. Get to Cinua Glade

Obviously, you first need to be in Cinua Glade to do this quest, which is an area quest. PATH TRACK CINUA should get you there quite simply, thankfully.

1. Greet the predator

The predator is in room v9166. From the Cinua entrance, that is nw, nw, e, e, n, n, sw, nw, n. You can PATH TRACK 9166 to get there. When there, GREET IDRASI.

Respond with both [1] options:

  • [1] (say) What sort of magick?
  • [1] (say) Yes, I will search for the lantern.

This will formally start the quest. From this point on, you can check QUEST THE SABOTEUR’S ATTEMPT TO DESTROY ITHAQUA to track your progress.

2. Find the lantern

You will need to find the lantern for the Idrasi. As he points out, you will need a shovel. You can buy one from any of the city/council hubs, if you do not have one. The lantern will be in a random room no more than a couple away from v9209. DIG in rooms until you find it, then GET LANTERN.

3. Reveal the saboteur

You can now reveal the saboteur whom is plotting against Ithaqua. EQUIP LANTERN, then LIGHT LANTERN. You’ll now be able to see in the darkness, if you didn’t have nightsight, but more importantly, the lantern will reveal the saboteur when you go into their room. Go to v9192 with the lantern equipped and lit, and the saboteur will appear. Slay them.

4. Find Lahira

Now that the saboteur has been killed, the Idrasi will ask you to check on the nymph Lahira. Go to v9193. Be very careful in this room - it will have two hostile nymphs, but if you target NYMPH you will hit Lahira, and this will render you unable to proceed until she respawns. GREET LAHIRA and she will give you a brooch.

5. Gain entrance to the nymph tree

This is perhaps the one tricky part of this quest because it’s not explicitly lamp-posted - it’s still not terribly hard though. You need to get into the tree the nymphs use as their refuge. The room before it says ‘speak the name of the protector and enter the Mother’. What this is telling you to do, is to speak the name of the nymph that protects Cinua, and SAY it in front of the tree (“the Mother”) to gain entrance. Saying the name of the nymph queen will gain you enterance - and the Idrasi will kind of give this away with dialogue if you interrogate him about it after getting the brooch (though he’s a bit of a dick about it.) So go to v9196 and SAY SALIRA.

6. Present the brooch to the nymph queen Salira

All of the nymphs in this tree will still be hostile, despite the fact you’re obstensibly trying to help them, except Salira. Nice, eh? Once again, be careful about using the nymph alias, as you can hit Salira with it, and you’ll have to wait through her respawn if you kill her. GREET SALIRA and then follow through the conversation:

You greet Salira, Priestess of the Mother with a sincere smile.
Salira, Priestess of the Mother says, "I have heard a serpent was killed in our forest. Perhaps he was the cause of my daughter Lahira's malady, have you seen her since its death?"
[1] (say) Yes, she gave me a brooch.
You say, "Yes, she gave me a brooch."
Salira, Priestess of the Mother says, "Let me see it, please?"
[1] (give) Give a serpent-shaped brooch to Salira.     
You give a serpent-shaped brooch to Salira, Priestess of the Mother.
Salira, Priestess of the Mother says, "What is this? A brooch in the shape of a serpent. I feel a powerful taint within the steel. Is this what was making my followers act so strangely?"
[1] (say) This seems to be the source of the magick.    
You say, "This seems to be the source of the magick."
Salira, Priestess of the Mother exclaims, "I must destroy this item and free my people!"

She will destroy the brooch, completing this quest and granting you the quest honor! And yeah, you guessed it, the nymphs will still be 100% hostile.

This quest takes some time to reset after completion, but is repeatable.