Valkyrior Mudlet System

The last MUD system you'll ever need

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The Valkyrior system is a Mudlet-based system that presents an interface for a variety of MUDs and automates many common tasks, such as tracking defences, afflictions, many common statistics, and more. It was originally ported from my rewritten TinyFugue system, which is now obsoleted. It is tested towards Mudlet 3.13. It works fairly well for Imperian, and Aetolia and I use it myself in those environments. There are also experimental Luminari MUD and Materia Magica modules.

Important to note: The system is available under a dual licensing system - a free license and a paid license. The free license is the AGPL, which legally obligates you to contribute changes back to the codebase. If you aren't cool with that term, pay for the paid license.

Everything at a glance

Many MUD UIs lean heavily on looking shiny, and Valkyrior does to, but it is also designed to present the information you need in a compact area that you can scan very quickly, essential for the most heated battles against both denizens and other players in the MUDs of your choice, however fast their combat may be!

Have it your way

Valkyrior has default functions built into its hotbar system - but you can customise what all of them do quite easily, and reorganize them at a whim to suit your preferences.

You can see forever

Combining together tracking various mapping systems so you don't have to, Valkyrior displays the rooms around you in an easy-to-read text format that includes vital information about the room as well, such as environment information, whether it is hostile terrain, or has other special features. With just a look at a single panel you can know everything about your location without fuss. It also includes several pieces of information not always relayed clearly in game, such as instance timers, special room affects, hidden exits, and hidden dangers.


UI Design Revision 3, as of 06-14-2017